05 June 2013

How To Explode/Split String in JAVA

This code can be used to fulfill split funtion in string.

16 May 2013

Cannot create TypedQuery for query with more than one return

Today i found this error message on my project,
and this code solved my problem.

Code before:

Code after:

29 April 2013

Change Date Format in JAVA

It's a simple program, but it's very often asked by programmer,
Just copy and paste this code/snippets to your IDE Application and run it.

16 April 2013

Convert Date using JSF 2

This is a simple tips to modificate a date type data on your jsf view, with using this snippets you can modify date easily. If you want another result, just modify the date pattern like:
dd-MM-YY, dd-MM-yyyy, etc.